Social Media Internship at Highbury Media T/A Habari Media

Habari Media is seeking a digital media intern residing in Cape Town, currently unemployed, and seeking to gain workplace experience by joining their dynamic editorial team (digital) and working on their lifestyle title Cape Etc.

Closing date: 03 September 2024

Location: Cape Town

The successful candidate will be responsible for: 

  • Answer messages: Respond to messages on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, or direct them to the relevant persons.

  • Maintain page security: Ensure the pages are scam-free by deleting/blocking any scam-related messages or comments.
  • Verify hyperlinks: Ensure all hyperlinks are working correctly.
  • Content posting: Post content across our social media accounts.

  • Community engagement: Engage with our online community.
  • Trend awareness: Stay on top of the latest social media trends.
  • Campaign development: Develop media campaigns.
  • Follower Growth: Grow our social media followers and monitor social media performance.

  • Instagram stories: Create Instagram stories with hyperlinks back to our website.
  • Competitor research: Research competitors.
  • Brand awareness: Increase brand awareness.
  • Aesthetic maintenance: Ensure our pages are aesthetically pleasing.


  • Must be passionate about sports, social media, and social media trends.
  • Must be able to follow a schedule and remain flexible to quick changes.  
  • Must be able to work promptly and adhere to deadlines.  
  • Should be familiar with digital trends. 

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