Broll Property Group is hiring : Office Administrator & Receptionist (East Point Shopping Centre)

The responsibilities are mainly focused on the front desk and with the first impression and good effective communication skills presenting East Point Shopping Centre Management.

Closing date: 09 July 2024

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng


1. Assumes responsibility for effectively handling and managing the switcboard.
a. Operates the switchboard and console to connect, hold, transfer all incoming calls.
b. Conflict skills.
c. Ensures that all incoming calls, questions and complaints are resolved promptly by channelling calls to the responsible persons/departments.
d. Provides general information to clients before transferring calls, resolving client/ tenant problems.
e. All calls are handled professional manner, friendly, courteous and without delay.

2. Assumes responsibility for Office Administration duties.
a. Order and manage stationery use.
b. Petty cash handling and reconciliation
c. Management pack filling and binding
d. Preparing the boardroom for the meeting
e. Collecting and capturing turnover figures on BOL.
f. Answering calls and transfer to relevant extensions.
g. Oversee office cleanliness and hygiene.
h. Assist walk-in customers looking for space.


1. Communication skills / professional ability to liaise with clients.
2. Property operations signed to are efficiently and effectively administered.
3. Reports are complete, accurate, and delivered on time according to schedules
4. Good communication and coordination with departments. Assistance is provided as needed.
5. Senior Management is appropriately informed of area activities and any significant problems.
6. Effective business relations with vendors, contractors, and trade professionals.

Additional property experience will be beneficial

Excellent understanding of Property management procedures.
Knowledge of budgeting, service contracts, and leasing agreements.

2 – 3 years related experience

Excellent leadership abilities.
Able to organise, coordinate, and direct team activities.
Strong problem-solving skills.
Good communications skills.
Able to use all related maintenance equipment and computer applications.

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