Homechoice is recruiting for Junior Dialler Administrator position

The Dialler Administrator plays a critical role in managing the Dialler system, ensuring compliance, producing MI reports, and optimizing call center performance.

Closing date: Ongoing

Location: Southern Suburbs (Cape)


homechoice is a leading South African homeware retailer. For over 35 years we’ve helped our customers create beautiful homes they love with an innovative range of quality products they can afford.

This role requires a combination of technical expertise, analytical skills, and a strong commitment to meeting regulatory requirements and SLAs. The Dialler Administrator must also be adaptable and able to make real-time decisions to optimize campaign performance and agent productivity.

What you will love doing in this role

Build Dialler Campaigns and Filters

  • Load and process dialler files onto the diallers
  • Develop and configure Dialler campaigns based on specific objectives, such as outbound sales or collections.
  • Create filters to segment contact lists for targeted dialling, considering factors like customer demographics and preferences.

Monitor Dialler Campaigns

  • Continuously monitor the performance of Dialler campaigns throughout the day to ensure they are on track to meet targets.
  • Adjust campaign settings in real-time to optimize dialling strategy based on performance data.

Monitor Agent Performance

  • Keep a close eye on agent performance within the Dialler system, including call handling times, call dispositions, and adherence to scripts and compliance standards.

Compile Management Information (MI)

  • Gather and compile MI reports that include key performance metrics and insights from Dialler campaigns. These reports may be used internally and shared with external stakeholders.

What you’ll need to do this role

• South African Matric / Grade 12 (Required)
• Data manipulation skills using Excel and other IT packages.
• Experience working as a Dialer Administrator /Dialler Operator within a call centre environment.

• Great compliance adherence
• Must have a solid and extensive understanding of POPIA.
• Must have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to nurture strong working relationships with peers and stakeholders.
• Foster a collaborative approach and have a keen eye for detail

Skills and Abilities

• Proactive – demonstrate experience of working positively in partnership with colleagues internally to drive strong performance.

• Know your numbers – A Strong understanding of contact centre metrics and how these are used to review performance to achieve the right results.
• Self-awareness – of your own strengths and development needs.
• Initiative – you use it and can work independently by exercising good judgment with sometimes limited direction.

• Communication is key – you’re able to understand and communicate difficult messages in a clear, positive, and constructive manner.
• Adaptable with the ability to respond positively to working within a pressurized environment.

Knowledge and Competencies

• A strong can-do attitude and an energetic positive approach. 
• Strong desire and initiative to develop self.
• Passionate about your role at work
• Committed to serving the customer. 

• Able to present information in different ways to enhance understanding. 
• Consistently behaves with integrity. 
• Actively works with colleagues and departments to resolve queries.
• Managing work and time to meet the required deadlines. 

• High attention to detail and accuracy. 
• Proactive and operates with a sense of urgency. 
• Consistently hits all performance targets.
• Ability to work alone and in a team. 
• Excellent communication skills. 

Behaviours we love 

  • Wow my customer 
    • Walk in my customers’ shoes 
    • Deliver on my promises 
    • Deliver insight-led solutions my customers need 

  • Treat the business as my own
    • Take accountability 
    • Be curious, creative & explore opportunities 
    • Do it right & at the right time 
  • Play as a team 
    • Be helpful 
    • Be inclusive 
    • Find the fun

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