Warehouse Trainer wanted at Homechoice

The ideal candidate for this role will be responsible for analysing business needs, designing and developing learning programmes and updating existing programmes where needed. Furthermore, the candidate will be responsible for facilitating learning programmes (including learnership and management programmes) as well as evaluating the effectiveness post implementation.

Closing date: Ongoing

Location: Northern Suburbs, Western Cape

What you will love doing in this role

Analyse the need for learning programmes and materials

  • Conduct training needs analysis in consultation with business partners
  • Determine desired business outcomes
  • Link desired outcomes with employee behavior
  • Identify and evaluate competencies
  • Determine performance gaps
  • Prioritize training needs
  • Apply robust training methodology

Design learning programmes and materials

  • Taking into account Adult Learning principles  
  • Design online learning curriculums that incorporate a blended learning methodology 
  • Consider alternative training methods (on the job, coaching and mentoring, classroom, e-learning)

Develop learning programmes and materials

  • Clearly define learning objectives using the SMART model 
  • Differentiate between learning objectives, e.g. knowledge, skills or attitudes 
  • Apply the Kolb and / or Honey & Mumford learning cycle methodology 

Implement learning programmes and materials

  • Facilitate learning programmes in line with best practice  
  • Accommodate different learning styles  
  • Motivate and inspire learners by using a variety learning resources 
  • Facilitate learning in line with policy and best practice in order to achieve learning outcomes. 

  • Facilitate learnership and team leader development programmes. 
  • Facilitate learnership and team leader development programmes. 
  • Coach and mentor learners where applicable 
  • Facilitate and manage online discussion forums via the LMS 

Evaluate learning programmes and materials 

  • Conduct learning assessment using a variety of assessments types and methods 
  • Evaluate learning impact using a variety of methods (looking at quantitative & qualitative measures) 
  • Develop learning assessment tools 

Review and update learning programmes and materials

  • Review feedback from business partners and update learning programmes to ensure fit for purpose and business requirements 
  • Customise generic learning material for internal purposes 
  • Consult regularly with allocated business partners  to build and maintain working relationships 


  • Co-coordinating & scheduling training interventions (including delegates, venues and resources required)
  • Manage attendance registers
  • Submit comprehensive monthly report
  • Own the administrative duties related to training including scheduling delegates, completing attendance registers and comprehensively reporting on programmes


What we will love about you

  • Communication & Influence 
  • Planning & Organizing 
  • Team Leadership 
  • Delivering Quality Results 

What you’ll need to do this role

  • Grade 12/NQF 4
  • 2+ years working experience in a Warehouse
  • 3-5 years of working experience in Learning and Development as a Facilitator 
  • 2 years working experience in facilitating management and learnership programmes
  • Health and Safety Certificate

Behaviours we love 

  • Wow my customer
    • Walk in my customers’ shoes
    • Deliver on my promises
    • Deliver insight-led solutions my customers need

  • Treat the business as my own
    • Take accountability
    • Be curious, creative & explore opportunities
    • Do it right & at the right time
  • Play as a team
    • Be helpful
    • Be inclusive
    • Find the fun

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