Tsebo Group is recruiting: Labour Administrator (Time and Attendance)

Tsebo Solutions Group has a vacant post for a Labour Administrator (Time and Attendance) based in Durban

Closing date: 08 June 2024

Location: Durban

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Update on a daily basis any movements / changes on PRP.
  • PRP capturing of leave, daily and in advance (AL, SL, AW, UL, USL, etc.).
  • PRP and payroll queries for supervised and unsupervised sites.

  • Request information from Operation Managers/Area Managers/Supervisors/employees on site to update PRP.
  • Extract temp payroll from 31st of each month.
  • Check temp CTC by communicating with Operation Managers/Area Managers and supervisors.
  • Do corrections where needed on signed off correction sheet.

  • Extract monthly payroll and for temps from 1-12th of each month on the 13th of the month (even if on a weekend).
  • Dummy CTC sign off with Operration Managers/Area Managers on all unsupervised sites and receiving CTC checklist for supervised sites.
  • Communicate with supervisors/team leaders on site etc.
  • Any corrections to be completed on a correct form and signed off by Divisional Manager and Regional Director.

  • Capture and extract on PRP or submit directly to Vision to add to the interim.
  • Once interfaced to PRP, complete roster configuration for each employee.
  • Site Managers/Operation Managers/Site Supervisors to enroll all employees for biometrics clocking.
  • Checking employees clocking and absenteeism daily.

  • Assigning temp replacements, ensure all temps are clocking.
  • Receiving information directly from units or from Area Managers/Operation Managers.
  • Rostering of leave/absenteeism, assigning temps against the absent employee with correct reasons using Honeycomb.

  • Ensure all exceptions are corrected on a daily basis – example no clocks in or out (forgot to clock or loadshedding).
  • Should any unit have an issue with the clocking device and are unable to clock report the device to PRP to resolve.

  • Check assignments, awol clocks and duplicated clocks.
  • Should leave change, cancellations must be done.
  • Ensure employee clocking discrepancies are corrected, liaise with Operation Managers for any changes on the contract.

  • Check that all corrections pulled through From PRP to Vision.
  • Prepare interims monthly with supporting documentation and all relevant signatures.
  • Both C&B and LA to check Dummy CTC and ensure all types of corrections are actioned and closed off.

Skills and Competencies

  • Strong people skills and knowledge .
  • Strong communication skills.
  • 3-5 years experience in Payroll.
  • Computer skills.
  • Data capturing (accurate).
  • PRP and administration experience or knowledge essential.

Organisational and administrative skills.

  • Knowledge of Employment Acts.
  • Stakeholder management.
  • understanfing accounting principles.
  • Stong planning and organisational skills.
  • Excellent numeracy skills.

  • Advanced Excel skills.
  • Advanced analysis skills.
  • Report writing skills.
  • Knowledge of Payroll system.


  • Minimum Matric/Grade 12.
  • Payroll diploma or relevant tertiary qualification.

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