Volvo Group is hiring an Electrician (Apply now)

The main purpose of the job is to provide diagnostic and fault-finding expertise for all auto-electrical work including advice to technicians where required.

closing date: 21 May 2024

Location: Alrode, ZA, 1451

Reporting: This position reports to the Team Leader.

Job Objectives:

  • Fault tracing and diagnosis on Volvo Products.
  • Apply knowledge and experience to interpret symptoms of “under performance” or failure of components.
  • Follow directives provided in Workshop Manuals.

  • Interpret Volvo manuals, specifications, directives and instructions.
    • Produce work of acceptable standards as per instructions/directives.
  • Produce and maintain work of acceptable standard.
    • Follow repair and maintenance instructions and specifications provided in Manual and Service Literature.
    • Follow procedures/processes to ensure vehicles/components are presented to customers in acceptable condition.

  • Provide comprehensive and accurate reports of diagnosis, assessment of component/part failures, observations, actions and recommendations.
    • Document observations, actions, recommendations and job cards and relevant service/information sheets.

  • Follow Instructions from Management and supervisors concerning work allocated and produce and maintain work of a Volvo standard.
    • Carry out work allocated i.e. job cards.
    • Carry out the work allocated to the Volvo standard and specifications.
  • On completion of the work completed the Job cards.
  • When completing the job cards the following will be looked at:
  • Complaint.
  • Cause.

  • Correction.
  • Complete QC documentation.
  • Complete servicing schedules.
  • Parts invoicing.
  • Vehicle standard times.
  • Complete the job cards in such a manner so as that the service advisor can interpret the information correctly.

  • Hours worked are reflection of the job card.
  • Ensure house keeping is maintained to the Volvo standard and the management requirement.
    • All tooling is maintained.
    • Work area is as required by management and the Volvo prescription.
    • Store the equipment as prescribed by management.

  • Assist when mechanical repairs are required.
    • When there is insufficient auto electrical work assist in mechanical repairs as when requested by the supervisor.
  • Compliance to ISO 9001 and Safety
    • Ensure all process in your area of responsibility are following ISO standard.
    • Ensure the safety process are followed.
    • Ensure the Safety Act and Regulation is adhered to.

Qualification & Job Experience

  • Qualified Auto Electrician.
  • Health and safety training courses.
  • 3 years in maintenance and repairs of commercial vehicles.

Key Competencies

  • Ability to read all relevant measuring equipment.
  • Must be willing to work standby and overtime.
  • Knowledge/skills to effect correct repair work.

  • Ability to apply correct interpretation of technical manuals and specifications in practice.
  • Must be able to speak, read and write English.
  • Must be in possession of a PRDP driver’s license.
  • Computer literate.

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