Brewing Control Room Operator vacancy at South African Breweries

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A vacancy for Brewing Control Room Operator is currently open for applications at South African Breweries (SAB ABInBev).

Location: SAB Prospecton Brewery, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

The key purpose for this role is the operation of the brewing and associated process areas through a centralised control room and an operator work station (OWS), and communicating with the operator in the field to ensure smooth operation of the brewing area against the plan for the shift.

Depending on the layout of the brewing department, the line manager will allocate the required area for operation by this role.

The role is specifically designed to manage areas through a control room via constant reviewing of the process, but is also responsible for the coordination activities of the shift, namely escalations of problems, management of yeast planning within the shift, and all raw materials related to each process order being produced. In the absence of a centralised control room, through the line manager discretion, the role is also required to operate certain areas based on the requirement of the department.

This position also actively leads shift meetings, and alternately shares this responsibility with the Process Operator on shift.

Key outputs and responsibilities

Shift based production performance and processes

  • Interpret and implement production plan for shift
  • Monitor and control production processes on shift using the correct tools as per the VPO standards (OWS, Team Rooms). Operation of certain areas will also be required as requested from the line manager
  • Actively monitor all the brewing processes in the area through the brewing control room

  • Through adequate reaction plans, actively monitor and resolve any problems during the shift on the brewing process
  • Ensure and maintain a safe and healthy work environment
  • Conduct problem solving through the prescribed VPO tools

  • Actively escalate problems to the operator on the field and/or Brewing Area manager and/or the relevant technical staff
  • Actively manage the shift requirements for yeast planning and coordinate the shifts activities for the entire duration of the shift Team performance

  • Communicate effectively in the workplace
  • Use escalation procedures to ensure that time to react is reduced
  • Execute on VPO implementation plans as per the VPO standards
  • Ensure proper understanding of VPO standards
  • Execute on goals and ensure shift goals are met

Problem solving

  • Apply problem solving and decision making techniques and principles
  • Ensure problem solving is initiated as per triggers on the OWS


  • Drive your development plan

Operating and process control

Operating through a centralised control room or non centralised control room for all Brewing process areas according to the standard operating procedures, and supporting the plant control system under instructions and guidance of the E&F Technician Artisan, shift artisan, BAM, BTE, BM, Specialist

Constantly reviewing process performance against target, and recording short stops. Where process performance does not meet target, or trends or opportunities timeously. indicate the existence of problems, corrective action must be initiated

Identify problems

Carrying out the required quality checks as described in the quality control and analyses work practice (if applicable to Control Room Operator)

Responding rapidly to upstream or downstream triggers that could result in quality or production problems

Appropriate problem solving approaches, as detailed in the problem solving work practice must be followed

• Performing housekeeping tasks, applying 5s principles and following safe work practices

• Unsafe work practices must be identified and corrected

• Assisting fellow team members in the execution of their tasks

Maintenance of plant and equipment

• Carrying out in-depth cleaning, lubrication and inspection of equipment according to the work instructions and in accordance with the maintenance schedule

• Performing simple autonomous maintenance tasks (e.g. replacement of simple valves), in accordance with the maintenance schedule, and where required

• requesting the assistance of the E&F Process Artisan. (if applicable to Control Room Operator e.g. on maintenance days)

• Identify defective plant, and report these through to the Process Artisan or respective leader for resolution

Quality control and analysis

• Monitoring of process inline equipment, and communicating timeously on deviations from inline measurement instruments


• Actively leads shift meetings, asking questions to test understanding and contributing suggestions. making use of the gap list to record issues, problems and improvement opportunities

• Fully understand the team goals and participate in team goal review sessions

• Make use of relevant communication media (e.g. shift logbook and/or other communication technology) to stay informed and inform others of issues

• Complete required hand over to incoming shift team members, ensuring the issues relating to plant performance, quality and maintenance are communicated

Problem solving

• Where problems occur, use 5Y’s and quick fix routines to identify the possible origin and report these to the Process Artisan for resolution

• Provide information to teams carrying out problem solving or FFA’s as required

Continuous improvement

• Identify sources of waste and report these to the respective SME/BAM

Minimum Requirements

  • Matric or equivalent e.g.: NQF level 4 (Internal)
  • National Diploma or equivalent for external candidate
  • Training: Minimum – 12 months on the job training with SKAP in process

  • Experience: 6 months – 5 years experience in a brewing environment or previous experience in a process controlled manufacturing environment, ideally in food FMCG products

Desirable but not essential:

  • Progress towards IBD qualification
  • IBD certificate
  • Completed traineeship
  • SKAP guide completed and competency passed

  • Previous experience in a process controlled manufacturing environment, ideally in food FMCG products. Ideally, a process understanding of the Brewing process Value Chain from Raw materials transfer to BBT, using prescribed VPO methodology Roles.

Skills and Attributes Required:

  • The main role is to apply core competencies to achieve optimum plant and process performance However, a supportive role is to attempt to develop others in own skills as well as the learning of the skills of other specialist Brewery Technicians

  • A logical, analytical problem solver who can operate in an unstructured environment
  • A team player (prepared to communicate, listen and assist)
  • Initiative and energy
  • Achievement Drive (improvement, do better than standard or what was done previously, be the best)


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