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McKinsey Africa is inviting young professionals in Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey, and Azerbaijan to apply for the Forward Learning Programme 2023.

Closing date: 30 June 2023

Forward, offered by McKinsey, is a free, five-month online learning journey that equips young talent with must-have practical skills to help them succeed in the future of work.

It focuses on critical leadership, business, and digital skills that are relevant and transferable across industries and roles. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a Forward learner and develop new ways of thinking, boost your confidence, and learn to lead with purpose!

Forward is delivered in an interactive, virtual format. It begins with exploring foundational skills, then applying them to case studies based on real-world scenarios.

You will ultimately be able to develop new behaviors through ongoing reflection and peer learning. At the end of the program, receive a McKinsey Forward digital badge and join an exclusive global network of young, life-long learners.

Foundation level: 8 weeks

Develop practical, must-have skills through highly interactive, self-paced digital courses. You will be introduced to adaptability, effective communication, problem-solving, new ways of working in a digital world, and more.

Advanced level: 12 weeks

See your newfound skills come to life through an immersive journey of advanced digital content, bespoke virtual workshops, and a group assignment with real-time peer feedback. Develop your individual leadership style in a collaborative learning environment.

Network level: Ongoing

Join a vibrant global network of young life-long learners and get exclusive access to further learning and networking activities.

You can also get involved and pay it forward by co-creating the future of the Forward program through different volunteering opportunities.

Earn the McKinsey Forward badge

Participants who complete the Foundation and Advanced levels will earn a personalized digital badge, which is shareable across social media and other digital channels.

Register now based on your region. Forward is available in select regions and countries.

Take a step Forward to advance your career. Applications open until June 20, 2023.


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