The William Humphreys Art Gallery: Northern Cape Artists Exhibition 2023

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The William Humphreys Art Gallery would like to invite artists residing in the Northern Cape region to submit their work for selection to participate in the fifth Northern Cape Artists Exhibition 2023.

Closing Date: 11 June 2023

There is no theme for the exhibition, as we would simply like to showcase the artistic talent of the Northern Cape and the emergent themes in the province. 

The exhibition will be showcased at the William Humphreys Art Gallery dated 5 July 2023 until 30 September 2023


• Artists are allowed to submit a maximum of 3 artworks in any medium of their choice.
• Exhibition is open to entrants who are permanently residing in the Northern Cape.
• Work should not be older than 1 year.

• Size should not exceed 41cm x 31cm for works of all mediums (excluding frame).
• Submissions are not open to school learners.

• All 2-dimensional artworks (except works on stretched canvases) must be presented professionally either framed under glass or window mounted. Mounted works without a frame will be installed with bulldog clips. Framed works will be installed with mirror plates screwed into two frame sides.

1. A signed submission form
2. Labels attached to the back of each submitted work

You will be required to supply your personal details, the artwork title, medium and selling price.

Kindly note the gallery does not advise artists with the pricing of their artworks. This is entirely the responsibility of the artist to decide.

Here are some guidelines to calculate your selling price: Your costs (materials, framing, transport) + Your time (your rate per hour) = ARTIST PRICE.

Artworks will be insured by WHAG on the wall for the duration of the exhibition. Artists couriering their work, need to insure their work in transit at their own cost.

Transportation costs to and from the WHAG will be on their artists own account.

If you are submitting work via courier and require it to be couriered back to you, WHAG will repackage your work and confirm with you when you have arranged for the courier to collect at your own cost.


There are two methods for submitting work – DIGITAL & DELIVERED. Please take note of submission dates & requirements of each method: Artworks submitted digitally must be emailed to [email protected] or [email protected] no later than the 11th June 2023.

Please send all the photographs of your work in one Microsoft Word document with the title, medium and selling price typed below each photo.

Alternatively, you may send a pdf of the collection of photos. Please do not attach each photo separately in an email. Title the Word.doc with your name and surname.

Selected artworks need to be delivered to the WHAG by 15th of June 2023. Artworks submitted via hand delivery to the gallery must be made no later than the 15th June 2023.

Any submissions made after the 15th June 2023 will not be considered for selection. Address: William Humphreys Art Gallery, 1 Cullinan Crescent, Civic Centre; Kimberley, 8301


Digital submissions: The outcome of the digitally submitted works will be made known via email on the 19th June 2023.

If your entry was successful, you will be requested to courier or deliver your artworks to WHAG no later than the 15th of June 2023.

NB. If your artwork does not accurately resemble the initial submitted photograph, please note that WHAG reserves the right not to exhibit your artwork.

Delivered submissions:

The outcome of the delivered submission will be made known on the 19th June 2023 via email. If your work was not selected to be exhibited, we will inform you to collect your artworks.

NB: The outcome of the selection process is final. The decision of the judges is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Entrants should be aware that all artworks are judged on an equal and anonymous basis. WHAG reserves the right to disqualify any artwork if the artist has not complied with the above rules as stipulated, even if the work was selected for exhibition.

Please note: Should any of your work get sold, we will supply your contact details to the interested party in order to contact you directly.

No artworks will be taken down before 30th of September 2023 and all artworks that are purchased will only be available to the buyer after the exhibition has come to a close.


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