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Applications are now open for the BluLever Plumbing Apprenticeship Programme for May 2023 intake, and below are the requirements and guidelines.

The deadline to submit your application is the 31st of March, so it’s important to apply as soon as possible. 

BluLever Education is an innovative trade training organisation that offers QCTO accredited apprenticeships.

If you are a young person aspiring to be an electrician and would like to apply for the BluLever Plumbing Apprenticeship Programme then you are in the right place. 

This article has all of the relevant details about the BluLever Plumbing Apprenticeship Programme. 

What talents & interests tell me I am a good match to become a plumber?

  • Natural problem-solver – If you are a natural problem solver and enjoy physical problem-solving in particular (being able to fix things with your hands) then you have the core skill to be a great plumber.

  • People skills – Generally, plumbing, as a trade, involves a lot of interaction with clients and your team so it is important to be a great active listener and to be able to empathise well with others among many other important people skills.

  • Physically demanding – Plumbing is a physical trade so being fit and having the strength to carry out all plumbing tasks is important.

  • Mental toughness – To build a plumbing career you need to be mentally tough and resilient. There will be a lot of difficult situations and personal setbacks during your apprenticeship and career. It will be difficult to cope in these times if you are not resilient and mentally tough.

  • Enjoy working in challenging outdoor situations – Plumbing work is often done in challenging outdoor situations so it is a bonus if you enjoy being outdoors and getting your hands dirty too.

​​If you are confident that this is the apprenticeship for you move on to check the apprenticeship entry requirements 

Plumbing Apprenticeship minimum entry requirements

In order to apply for a BluLever Plumbing Apprenticeship you need to meet the following minimum entry requirements:

  • Grade 10 – passed grade 10.​​
  • Grade 10 maths or tertiary maths
    • ​Passed grade 10 pure or technical mathematics or,
    • Passed an N2-level subject in the area of: engineering maths; science; building drawings.

  • Grade 10 science – passed grade 10 science.
  • Aged between 18-30 – ​applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 (if you are 18 or 30 you are eligible).

  • Gauteng Resident – in order to apply for stipends on campus with our partners you have to be a Gauteng resident
  • Vaccinated – applicants need to have received at least 1 COVID vaccine jab.

Collect your required documents

Ensure you have the following documents saved as separate .pdf files and ready to upload to your application form:

  1. Certified copy of ID or passport – must be certified within the last 3 months
  2. Vaccination certificate/card – one dose accepted
  3. Copy of Grade 10 report/certificate
    • Showing science mark
    • Showing pure/technical mathematics mark OR  N2 or higher transcript (showing Engineering Science, Mathematics, or Building Drawings marks)

Please Note

  • .pdf is our preferred upload format – we recommend that you use the CamScanner app (on your phone) to export photos of your documents in .pdf format.

  • Clear document scans – Your document uploads must not be blurry or unclear. Only clear scans will be accepted. We recommend that you use the CamScanner app (on your phone) for clearer scans.

  • Transcript marks – Make sure that your academic transcripts show your Maths and English marks.
  • Certified copies – All certified copies need to have been certified within the last month.

​BluLever Plumbing Apprenticeship Online Application Form 

If you are ready to complete the online application form, proceed to the relevant button links below for further information, then begin your online application.

If you are struggling with your applications take a look at the How to apply guide or check out the frequently asked questions.

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