PhET Fellowship 2023 for Math and Science teachers in Africa

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Applications are now open for the 2023 PhET Fellowship Program for Math and Science teachers in Africa.

Note: Applicants must use a Google-affiliated (gmail) e-mail address to access this application form.

What is a PhET Fellow?

PhET Fellows are practicing educators committed to:

  1. advancing student learning of math and science;
  2. improving teacher learning and uptake of math and science pedagogies; and
  3. engaging in professional leadership growth through activities that increase accessibility and impact of PhET simulations.

The Fellows will serve as the central actors of the PhET Global Community by leveraging their direct link to PhET team members and their robust professional networks. Read more about the 2022 PhET Fellowship selectionFellow biographies, and success stories.

The 18-month Fellowship includes 80+ hours of professional learning (May – October 2023) and 70+ hours of PhET-coached independent professional leadership practice (November 2023 – October 2024).

Each Fellow will receive a stipend payment for successful completion of the program.

Who is eligible to become a PhET Fellow?

  • Formal and informal math and science educators located in Latin America and Africa (e.g., school teachers, university faculty, museum educators, subject advisers, curriculum specialists, program managers, instructional coaches, school support staff, researchers, EdTech specialists, policymakers, etc.) who have regular access to learners (secondary or tertiary level students and/or pre-service/in-service teachers who will impact education at any level), who have Spanish fluency (for Latin America) or English fluency (for Africa), and who have reliable internet connectivity with access to a computer, camera, and microphone.

  • Teachers from rural areas and from communities historically underrepresented in STEM fields are especially encouraged to apply.

What do PhET Fellows do?

  • Improve PhET sim access by disseminating PhET simulations and pedagogy.
  • Improve PhET sim impact by providing professional development opportunities for other educators.

  • Embed PhET Fellowship activities directly into their existing work and professional activities.
  • Participate in 150+ hours of professional development with 20+ other educators across the globe.

  • With the support of PhET, develop and execute a Professional Leadership Plan to increase PhET sim access and impact by influencing other educators in your region.

Why should I become a PhET Fellow?

  • Professional growth: Improve your pedagogical practice with PhET sims to improve teaching and learning in your own classroom.

  • Community: Connect with highly-motivated mathematics and science teachers across your continent and the globe.

  • Influence: Improve the quality of mathematics and science teaching and learning in your school, region, country, and the world.

  • Recognition: Be identified as an educational leader, and receive compensation and a certificate for your efforts.

Application Guide

Congratulations on taking the first steps to become a PhET Fellow!

PhET simulations have been used more than 1 billion times and the global community of users continues to grow.

PhET’s simulations for teaching math and science have been a critical tool for educators during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In some countries, the use of PhET simulations has increased by more than 500% since the beginning of the pandemic, and PhET simulations are now used more than 250 million times a year.

PhET’s strategic plan is to identify PhET users who demonstrate instructional effectiveness and who have evidence of potential to become national, regional, and international leaders of educational communities.

PhET Fellows are committed to improving global access and impact of PhET sims by:

  • advancing student learning of math and science;
  • improving teacher learning and uptake of math and science pedagogies; and

  • engaging in professional leadership growth through activities that increase accessibility and impact of PhET simulations.

PhET Fellows will serve as the central actors of the PhET Global Community because of their direct link to PhET team members and their robust professional networks.

Selection Process

PhET will select approximately 30 PhET Fellows in April 2023, with 15 located in Latin America and 15 located in Africa.

Applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt of their application materials from [email protected] within approximately 48 business hours.

Finalists will receive notice of their selection in March 2023 and undergo a final interview carried out virtually by Zoom.

All applicants will receive notice of their status in April 2023.

All eligible applicants will be evaluated according to the following indicators:

Candidate Profile (Essay Responses, CV/Resume)

  • Teacher Practice: Evidence of practice as a formal or informal STEM teacher or teacher educator with ongoing access to learners
  • PhET Familiarity and Use: Evidence of experience with PhET simulations

  • Educational Leadership: Evidence of motivation for and experience as an educational leader
  • Vision: Evidence of clear goal(s) to be accomplished by the end of the PhET Fellowship

  • STEM and Education Preparation: Evidence that professional role has prepared him/her to be an effective PhET Fellow

  • Network and Institutional Connectedness: Evidence of substantial reach into networks of teachers
  • Priority Indicators: Diversity in background (gender, culture/ethnicity, disciplinary specialization, language skills, urbanity/rurality, disability, geography, etc.)

PhET-Integrated Activity

  • PhET Simulation: Clear, coherent rationale for selecting the PhET sim.
  • Context: Strategy appropriate to the context (grade level, etc.) as described.

  • Learning Goals: Student learning goals are clearly described and in alignment with the selected PhET sim and context.

  • Learning Activity: The activity uses the PhET sims as the primary resource, promoting students’ active learning and use of inquiry.

  • Reflection on Learning Goals: Authentic reflection on how students achieved (or did not achieve) the learning objectives.

  • Reflection on Implementation Process: Authentic reflection on teacher learning from the implementation process.

Program Components

The PhET Fellowship program consists of six months of professional learning and up to twelve months of professional leadership practice.

1 March 2023April 2023May – October 2023Nov. 2023 – Oct. 2024
Applications dueFellows selectedProfessional LearningProfessional Leadership Practice

Commitment and Expectations

PhET Fellows commit to engaging in 80+ hours of synchronous and asynchronous virtual professional learning and 70+ hours of PhET-coached, independent professional leadership practice (virtual and/or in-person) with PhET Interactive Simulations.

PhET will provide a stipend of USD 1000 after the satisfactory completion of the professional learning sequence, and another USD 1000 after the successful execution of the Professional Leadership Plan, for a total of USD 2000. 

The Fellowship is not a full-time program; it should complement an applicant’s pre-existing full-time duties as an educator.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] 


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