Law student Munashe Dzikiti’s maths app enters South Africa’s EDHE competition

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  • The aim of eRank Play is to improve the understanding and application of maths among primary and high school pupils.
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CAPE TOWN. — A University of the Western Cape law student is hopeful her app, designed to help pupils understand mathematics, will multiply her chances of winning at a national entrepreneurship competition.

Munashe Dzikiti, a final-year law student, has entered her app, eRank Play, into the Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education (EDHE) intervarsity competition set to take place on November 18 and 19.

The aim of eRank Play is to improve the understanding and application of maths among primary and high school pupils.

“I am working with an amazing co-founder, Thobeka Nkabinde, a UWC alumni, and together we are dedicated to improving the mathematics skills of our youth and to open them up to more job opportunities.

“I have had a smooth-sailing experience entering the EDHE competition, and the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) co-ordinator, Wendy Mehl and her team are to thank for that.

“She made sure I had voice training lessons and workshops to educate myself and others on the fundamentals of running a business,” she said.

Abraham Oliver, director of the centre at UWC, congratulated Dzikiti.

“Let us not fall into the trap of our ideas which can transform communities being the best-kept secret. UWC students, apply your minds to solve real problems and connect with CEI to take your idea to market,” said Oliver.

The competition is geared towards the development of entrepreneurial capacity among students in order for them to be economically active during and after their studies.

With four categories, shortlisted participants begin by pitching their business or business ideas to their university, then the winners in each category get to represent their institutions in the regional round before advancing to the national level. – Weekend Argus


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