New jobs at the Department of Home Affairs | APPLY BY 22 AUGUST

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The Department of Home Affairs is a department of the South African government.

The Department of Home Affairs offers a multitude of services to the citizens of South Africa, as well as foreigners who wish to visit, work or stay in South Africa. The Department’s core functions are:

  • Maintaining the National Population Register (NPR)
  • Managing the birth, marriage and death records
  • Determining and granting citizenship
  • Issuing travel documents and passports
  • Issuing identity documents (ID)

Regards immigration, the department’s services are:

  • Administering admissions into the country
  • Determining the residency status of foreigners and issuing permits thereof
  • Custodianship of refugee affairs
  • Inspectorate
  • Policy directives

The following vacancies have arisen at the Home Affairs department. The vacancies are contained in the South Africa Government Jobs: Circular 29 of 2022 issued on 05 August 2022.

Scholarly Africa is proud to bring you these latest job vacancies.


POST 29/37                            :            DIRECTOR: HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING REF NO: HRMC 58/22/1

Branch: Human Resource Management & Development Chief Directorate: HR Strategy and Planning

SALARY                                  : R1 073 187 – R1 264 176 per annum (Level 13), (an all-inclusive salary

package), structured as follows: Basic salary – 70% of package; State contribution to the Government Employee Pension Fund – 13% of basic salary. The remaining flexible portion may be structured in terms of the applicable remuneration rules.

CENTRE                                  :            Head Office, Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                  :          An  undergraduate  qualification  in  Human  Resource  Management  / Public

Management / Administration / Industrial Psychology / Management Science at NQF level 7 as recognised by SAQA. An SMS Pre – entry certificate endorsed by National School of Government is required. 5 years’ experience in middle / senior management is required. Extensive experience in Human Resource Planning / Public Administration / Management / Industrial Psychology / Management Sciences environment. Knowledge of the Public Service Regulations of 2016 relevant to Human Resource Planning. Knowledge of the Public Service Regulatory Frameworks relevant to Human Resource Planning. Knowledge of Skills Development Act and related legislation. Knowledge and understanding of Human Resource Delegations as well  as  Departmental  Regulatory  Framework.  Knowledge  of  Employment

Equity Plan. Strategic capability and leadership. Client orientation and customer focus. People management and empowerment. Financial and knowledge management. Programme and project management. Accountability and change management. Conflict management and resolution. Business continuity and time management. Problem solving and analysis. Business report writing. Influencing and networking. Planning and organising. Presentation, communication as well as interpersonal skills. Coaching and mentoring. Computer literacy. A valid driver’s license, willingness to travel and work extended hours or on call.

DUTIES                                    :        The successful candidate will be responsible for, amongst others, the following

specific tasks: Manage and monitor Human Resource strategies and the performance of the Branch. Manage the execution of integrated Human Resource strategy aligned to the mission and vision that defines the Department future service delivery over long term objectives. Lead and direct the development and implementation of HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy. Lead and direct the implementation of objectives stated in terms of expected results on short term nature based on long and short term objectives. Manage the development and implementation of the scorecard to monitor the performance of the Branch against targets. Ensure that the strategic human resource objectives that express quantitative setting approach and emphasises objectives according to the time frames. Lead the identification of competitive strategy and establish an effective interface between the Branch and Business. Lead and direct the monitoring and analysis of HR value proposition and contribution to the execution of HR strategy. Identify HR strategy systems that will mitigate through the introduction of internal flexible Human Resource system responsive to supply and demand dynamics. Lead and direct co-operative strategy that focus on access to essential human resources and involving the creation of internal capacity. Lead the measuring, evaluating, monitoring and reporting of the Branch progress (monthly, quarterly and annually). Analyse Branch performance, make inputs and advice on the progress status. Develop Branch annual calendar for the Branch Performance Session, lead the process and coordinate Branch sessions. Provide advice to the Branch during the selection and review of key performance areas to ensure that the best HR strategy is delivered. Serve as the Branch Nodal Point on the Departmental Planning matters. Lead and direct periodic HR programmes including HR audits for effective monitoring and evaluating HR programmes for effective use of Human Resource. Establish the link between HR strategies that outlines the broad strategic plans that affects HRM&D. Lead and direct the coordination of workforce planning in the Department. Manage the development and implementation of workforce strategies and plans. Lead and direct workforce planning and plans according to the financial planning process and (budget) financial plan. Manage evaluation, monitoring and adjusting of the HR plan process. Oversee the translating of future worker demand and prediction of the number of employees in terms of competencies and capabilities into the set of action. Ensure that workforce plan has clear understanding of the Departmental business plan, objectives and strategy. Lead the coordination and analysis of present and future workforce needs to determine gaps or surplus. Ensure that the business plan reflects the departmental goals and objectives to be achieved. Ensure the alignment of the operational and human resource strategies originate in the Departmental strategy. Lead and direct the analysis of the current workforce profile to establish a baseline of the current state of the Department (i.e demographic data on workforce, retirement eligibility, skills and competencies, salary data, supervisory ratios and management, projected leadership positions). Determine the extent on functional requirements linked to meet organisational objectives and extent to the turnover that reduced that skills set of certain occupational groups. Provide advice in the Department on making accurate future estimates to attract potential employees. Lead and direct the HRP requirements on the needs for additional employees, in terms of the number of required skills and competencies at current and determine future predictions to achieve short / medium and long term objectives. Ensure that team members gather accurate and valid, analysis by interpreting information with the view to inform future demand for workers. Lead and direct the coordination of Human Resource planning in the Department. Manage the coordination of human resources reporting on performance against operation plan. Manage the coordination of reporting of audits, legislative and other queries from oversight institutions. Lead and direct HR delegation processes

in alignment to DPSA Directive on Public Administration and Management Delegations. Manage the Directorate operational planning, reporting, budgeting and expenditure process. Lead and direct the coordination of Provincial and National HR forums. Provide written contributions to departmental quarterly progress reports, Annual Report, Budget speech and Annual Performance Plan. Develop and sign performance agreements for the directorate based on approved strategic and Annual Performance Plans of the Department. Ensure that HR Planning is placed in a financial perspective by reconciling HR Planning and budgeting. Manage and monitor the coordination of HR planning interventions and programmes. Lead and direct Human Resource (HR) policy development compliance monitoring and evaluation in the Branch. Manage the development and review of HR policies and procedures. Lead and direct the development of HR policy monitoring and evaluation plans in line with the relevant frameworks and best practice. Lead the design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation frameworks. Lead and direct periodic internal reviews and audits on existing HR policies. Manage the investigation process and operational risks and the development of risk management strategies. Ensure identification of policy compliance issues that required remediation. Lead and communicate written HR policies and procedures across the Department. Ensure that policy evaluation testing procedures are continuously monitoring in collaboration with the policy monitoring Unit. Ensure that HR policies are documented for compliance, verification of oversight and monitoring activities. Provide expert advice to senior management and business partners about implementing HP policy compliance programs. Manage and implement strategic objectives and innovation within the Unit. Develop the Operational plan for the unit and ensure effective prioritisation and resource organisational development and design. Develop the operational plan against the agreed objectives and time frames. Provide strategic direction to the Unit. Report on the performance of the Unit against the operational plan. Develop technical expertise within the Unit and keep abreast of technical developments. Provide advice and guidance on change management aspects and matters. Identify projects and initiatives to improve business processes and procedures in order to facilitate effective service delivery. Manage the development, implementation and communication of a comprehensive change management strategy. Ensure effective governance and compliance within the Directorate. Develop and implement governance processes, frameworks and procedures within the Unit. Monitor and ensure compliance with legislation, regulations, DHA policies and procedures within the Unit. Ensure compliance with all audit requirements within the Unit. Represent the Unit at management and other government forums. Monitor quality, risk, standards and practices against prescribed frameworks. Ensure that assets of the Unit are monitored in compliance assets and Supply Chain Management Framework. Mange physical, human and financial resources of the Unit. Manage the budget and monitor that expenditure is in line with financial requirements and the Unit’s objectives. Provide inputs into the compilation of the annual budget. Manage external contractors and suppliers within the Unit in an effective and efficient manner. Liaise with internal business Unit to ensure that Supply Chain Management and Asset Management are effectively managed. Agree on training and development needs of the Unit and ensure that these are acted on. Manage the implementation of the employment equity plan within the Directorate. Implement effective talent management processes within the Directorate (attraction, retention & development). Decide on appropriate rewards and promotion on the basis of performance and contribution against agreed targets. Manage grievance, discipline and terminations within the Directorate.

ENQUIRIES                            : Mr T Nkosi Tel No: (012) 406 4097

APPLICATIONS                     : Quoting the relevant reference number, direct your comprehensive CV, citing

the start and end date (dd/mm/yr) of each employment period to be considered, together with an Application for Employment Form (New Z.83), obtainable from any Public Service department or at, by the closing date to: [email protected]


POST 29/38                            :            SPECIALIST: STRATEGIC IS ALIGNMENT ANALYST REF NO: HRMC


Branch: Information Services Chief Directorate: IS Governance (Re-advertisement)

SALARY                                  : R744 255 – R876 705 per annum (Level 11), (all-inclusive salary package)

CENTRE                                  : Head Office, Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                  : An undergraduate qualification in Information Technology / Computer Science

or IT related qualification at NQF level 6 as recognised by SAQA. Minimum 3 years’ experience at Assistant Director / Junior Management / Specialist field in IT governance, compliance and risk management. Experience and knowledge of Cooperate Governance of ICT. Extensive experience in IS strategies alignment and analysis Extensive knowledge and implementation of CoBIT 5 (minimum) and IT governance processes. Knowledge of the DPSA CGICT Policy Framework. Knowledge of State Information Technology Act (SITA). Knowledge of Minimum Information Security Standards (MISS). Knowledge of the Public Service Regulatory Framework. Knowledge of Public Service Regulations. Knowledge of the Departmental Legislations and Prescripts. Knowledge of CoBIT and ITIL framework. Strategic capability and leadership. Accountability, financial management and stakeholder relations. Business continuity, program and project management. Ability to translate IT language into English. Time management. Conflict management and resolution. Business report writing. Customer focus, problem solving, influencing and networking. Communication, presentation and sound analytical skills. Computer literacy. Strategic analysis. A valid driver’s licence and willingness to travel. Extended working hours will be required. On-call duties is required occasionally.

DUTIES                                    :        The successful candidate will be responsible for, amongst others, the following

specific tasks: Coordinate and review strategic alignment and compliance within the Department. Define, manage and communicate a clear IT strategy to address business needs. Understand business strategies, priorities, issues and requirements in IS terms. Interpret Business Strategies into IT requirements, programme and initiatives. Conduct quantitative financial analysis to understand stakeholder implications of change programmes. Monitor and review services rendered by IS Branch to ensure customer satisfaction. Develop technical expertise within the directorate and keep abreast of technological advancements. Ensure the implementation of innovation IS initiatives. Manage the alignment of the IS strategy within the overall DHA strategy. Design, control and operate IT governance structures, capabilities, processes and tools for the Department. Monitor and adjust IT governance components according to business requirements. Liaise with all relevant Governmental Spheres regarding new IS initiatives and strategies. Coordinate, Identify and monitor the implementation of IS Strategic Initiatives. Conduct, review or coordinate feasibility, financial analysis and business cases for IS initiatives. Identify and monitor the implementation of IS strategic Initiatives. Coordinate the alignment and the implementation project, programmes or initiates. Monitor the benefit realisation and achievement of goals of IT- Business initiatives against business strategic goals. Coordinate the portfolio of initiatives within IS in conjunction with Special Initiatives Unit through monitoring and realignment of delivery and risks. Define and deploy relevant standards for solutions delivery, operations and performance management. Coordinate, maintain and implement IS strategy alignment control measures. Participate and contribute to the development of Annual Performance Plan, Operational and Business Plans. Monitor and frequently report the Branch Annual Performance Plans, Operational and Business plans. Coordinate business transformation and partnership with various stakeholders. Compile tactical plans aligned to business requirements to ensure effective strategy executive. Recommend and implement continuous performance improvement initiatives. Liaise with various internal and external stakeholders. Benchmark with various institutions for best practice. Coordinate and monitor the industry trends and dynamics. Revisit, review and streamline all processes to ensure accuracy and efficiency in operations execution. Implement successful system and process enhancements, updates and amendments within  IS.  Ensure  that projects  are implemented to best practice standards,

time, quality and budget. Facilitate best practices to contribute towards improved organizational performance. Report on the deliverance against the business plan to the Director. Build partnership with various internal and external stakeholders in order to enforce compliance and alignment. Develop, implement and appropriate policies, standards and procedures compliant with legislation and aligned to CoBIT. Cooperation with internal and external auditors and address audit findings. Ensure the IT steering committee operates as mandated including oversight of coordination of Committee meeting, minutes preparation and approval, documentation preparation and distribution and reporting action items. Ensure the implementation of effective risk and compliance management practices. Coach and guide staff on compliance to all relevant regulatory, internal and external compliance requirements. Report on all risk and financial indicators including e.g. financial losses, overpayment, etc. according to required format. Ensure compliance and adherence to regulatory requirements and liaise with all relevant stakeholders within and external to the organisation to ensure accurate implementation. Interpret and implement all organisational circulars, policy and other communications. Establish and implement a quality control, norms and standards framework.

ENQUIRIES                            : Ms P Mosia Tel No: (012) 406 4536

APPLICATIONS                     : Quoting the relevant reference number, direct your comprehensive CV, citing

the start and end date (dd/mm/yr) of each employment period to be considered, together with an Application for Employment Form (New Z.83), obtainable from any Public Service department or at, by the closing date to: Direct applications to the Department of Home Affairs Office as follows:-Head Office: Postal Address: Private Bag X114, Pretoria, 0001 Physical Address: 230 Johannes Ramokhoase (Proes) street, Cnr Thabo Sehume (Andries) street, Pretoria, 0001.

Please note

  • Applications must be accompanied by a Z83 form (DOWNLOAD HERE), or obtainable from any Public Service Department.
  • Applications must include recent updated comprehensive CV, certified copies of all qualifications, academic record and ID document.
  • Failure to submit the requested documents / information will result in your application not being considered.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to have foreign qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).
  • Applicants will be expected to be available for selection interviews and assessments at a time, date and place as determined by the Department.

Available Vacancies

  • The link we provide below downloads the entire job circular.
  • To view entire Circular 29 of 2022, CLICK HERE. You will find jobs for the Home Affairs department on pages 29 – 33 of the document.
  • Kindly note that the deadline for the submission of applications is 22 August 2022.


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