Schneider Electric’s interactive course helps spark youth interest in electricity

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Schneider Electric, in partnership with Trace, has launched Spark Your Interest in Electricity, a free interactive training course aimed at African youth which is available via the Trace Academia app.

The Spark Your Interest in Electricity course, available on both Android and iOS, provides hands-on training on how to wire electrical equipment safely and responsibly. It also serves as a precursor to not only safely handling electrical equipment but also encourages youth in taking the next step: enrolling in an electricians or related course provided at various tertiary and vocational institutions across the country.

“It is a privilege to form part of a such a dynamic and impactful founding partnership that works towards one goal: finding sustainable solutions to youth unemployment on the African continent.

“With Trace Academia, we will endeavour to reach as many youths as we can; providing them with the skills to take those first important steps toward identifying a possible career path in the field of energy,” says Zanelle Dalglish, director sustainable development & academy: Anglophone Africa cluster, Schneider Electric.

Schneider Electric’s partnership with Trace also forms part of a coalition which sees prominent global private, public, and non-profit partners coming together, through the Trace Academia app, to train 26 million African youths by 2026, providing them with the skills they require to find or create work and the opportunities to kickstart their careers.

The Schneider Electric Spark your Interest in Electricity course is one of many education and training initiatives that lie at the heart of the company’s Education, Training & Entrepreneurship as well as Access to Energy programmes. These include:

  • Partnerships in conjunction with the Schneider Electric Foundation with tertiary and vocational training organisations such as the French South African Schneider Electric Education Centre (F’SASEC) Network, NGOs, and government.
  • The Schneider Electric Training Academy, which is based in Midrand, and provides expert training programmes and courses by highly qualified, industry-experienced instructors in person, virtually or alternatively via digital training platforms.

The Schneider Electric Spark your Interest in Electricity course forms part of a myriad of courses available on the Trace Academia app such as entrepreneurship, digital marketing, hospitality, creativity, journalism, film, and technology.

The Trace Academia app only uses 25MB of memory space and all courses and certificates can be downloaded straight to users’ devices.

The Trace Academia app is available in both the Google Play (Android) and Apple iStore (iOS).


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