Canon Collins Trust Troubling Power Essay Competition 2022

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To celebrate their 40th Anniversary, Canon Collins Trust are offering an essay competition to their scholars and alumni.

Essay topics include but are not limited to

  • Peacemaking
  • Economics and business
  • Politics
  • Environment
  • Media Freedom
  • Disability
  • Gender

Canon Collins Trust

The Educational Trust for southern Africa was founded in 1981 by the British Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (BDAF), principally by Ethel de Keyser, director of BDAF and Canon John Collins, the founder of BDAF.

After the passing of Canon Collins, the Trust was renamed the Canon Collins Educational Trust for southern Africa.

Essay criteria

The winning essays demonstrate thought leadership, showing a grasp of the subject and its most recent discoveries and developments. 

It needs to show relevance by being applied to a situation in any part of southern Africa. 

It needs to reveal something – whether it is a new insight, a new approach to analysis that brings new light to a subject, an unexplored topic, or an unreported incident that is noteworthy and that the public deserve to be made aware off.

We would suggest your tone is friendly rather than formal. What the M&G like to say is imagine you are explaining this to a friend.

Essay guidelines

  1. The work must be exclusive and not published elsewhere;
  2. Please keep your article to between 800 and 1500 words (exceptions can be made if justified);
  3. No footnotes. Please use hyperlinks to articles/evidence that back up statements made;
  4. Please don’t use capital letters except where they are necessary (proper nouns and the beginning of sentences);
  5. Please write out acronyms in full the first time they are used;
  6. No bigotry will be tolerated; and
  7. Please remember that this is an opinion and not an advertisement of a company or product. It is also not a thesis, so please bear in mind our readers when using academic language.

As we do not have time to edit your work please make sure that your essay is proofread and clean of any grammar and punctuation errors.


  • This year, the competition offers one prize of R6000.
  • Winning essays as well as a selection of the strongest essays will appear in the Mail and Guardian’s online blog “Thought Leader”.

How to submit

Submit your essay in a Word Document by 8 July 11:59pm 2022 to Catherine Sofianos: [email protected]

Accompanying your essay should be your name, a profile photo and a short bio of two to three sentences.

For more information visit here:

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