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Are you a final year chemical engineering student or a chemical engineering graduate? Are you interested in pursuing a Masters degree through the PAMSA Bursary and Research Programme?

PAMSA oversees all research and innovation-related projects on behalf of its members, in partnership with a number of South African universities and institutions.

Some 60% of all trees planted for commercial use are used by the pulp and paper industry, yet a large proportion of biomass is left behind on harvesting (branches, leaves, bark).

By re-engineering and optimising processes, the South African forestry and forest product sector seeks to extract the full benefit of the tree and other by-products from pulp and papermaking.

South African pulp and paper mills can also use their raw materials, process waste and processes to make bio-based additives, chemicals, plastics and fuels.

Masters in Chemical Engineering Bursary Programme

Our Masters of Engineering bursary programme is now open for applications for the 2023/2024 intake.

We are offering eligible BSc final year students and graduates a R320,000 bursary and an avenue towards an exciting career in our sector.

Every year, the PAMSA Master in Chemical Engineering bursary programme accepts applications from Bachelor of Science chemical engineering final-year students or graduates.

A limited number of students will have the opportunity to complete their master’s studies at participating universities bursary over two years.

Candidate Requirements

This webinar took place on 4 May 2022 to provide interested students with information about the PAMSA bursary programme for chemical engineering students and graduates wishing to pursue a Masters degree and a career in the pulp and paper industry.

How to Apply

By supporting young engineers, we are developing the skills required to turn products of the imagination into real word innovation.

We only offer bursaries for postgraduate research projects in chemical engineering that are relevant to the pulp and paper sector. It is open to final year or graduate Bachelor of Science students interested in pursuing a Master’s degree. Applications open in April each year and close end June.

Some of our member companies may offer scholarships and bursaries.


Closing Date:30 Jun, 2022.


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