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The South African Mathematics and Science Teacher Intern Programme (SAMSTIP) is an ISASA initiative, in partnership with Investec Bank and the Department of Basic Education, that aims to address the critical lack of qualified mathematics and science teachers in South Africa.

SAMSTIP offers prospective Senior and Further Education and Training (FET) teachers specialising in the fields of mathematics and the sciences an opportunity to receive bursaries to study for a four-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree or a one-year Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at UNISA.

The teacher internships provide an alternative, robust training model to supply quality teachers in the scarce subject areas of mathematics and science. Based on a decade of ISASA schools’ experience, they involve school-based training, mentoring, and completion of a university degree by the trainee teachers in member schools.

School-leavers, graduates and mid-career professionals are targeted in the recruiting drive. The learnerships involve four years of study to obtain a degree in education, or two years (part-time) for a professional teaching qualification.

For more information please visit the SAMSTIP website.

Candidate Requirements

  • Your ID Document or Passport or Birth Certificate
  • Your Guardian or Parent’s Proof of Address
  • Proof of all your Academic Results to Date
  • Your Guardian or Parent’s Proof of Income.
  • If your parents are unemployed, an affidavit confirming that they are unemployed.

Bursary Enquiries

You can check in with us at any stage to track the progress of your application and its status.

Please note that most funders will only provide feedback earliest September 2022

Please check out the link to our article that addresses all your FAQ’s:


How to Apply

Please apply online using this link below:


Closing Date:30 Jun, 2022.

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