Investec high school bursary programme 2023

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Investec invites student to apply for High School Bursary Programme 2023 academic year. brings you this exciting scholarship opportunity for your high school education.

About Investec

Investec is an Anglo-South African international banking and wealth management group. It provides a range of financial products and services to a client base in Europe, Southern Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

Investec is dual-listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

High School Bursary Programme

Investec is inviting high school students to apply for the High School Bursary Programme, for the 2023 academic year. The bursary is open to students entering Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12 in 2023.

The purpose of the programme is to encourage the youth of South Africa to further their studies, which will hopefully result if them positively contributing to the economy, as well as the development of the country and becoming active participants of society.

In 2019, Investec provided 46 bursaries via the High School Bursary Programme and each year the company award bursaries to deserving youth.

Please note: students are NOT guaranteed a bursary if they meet all the requirements – it is a competitive award and there are a limited amount of bursaries available.

Who can apply

Applicants must satisfy the following minimum entry criteria before applying (please note that failure to satisfy all the requirements will lead to your application not being considered):

  • You must be a South African citizen
  • You must be entering Grade 10, Grade 11 or Grade 12 in 2023
  • You must have a strong academic record
  • You must shown good academic potential in Mathematics and Accounting or Science
  • You must have achieved a minimum result of 70% for all subjects
  • You must have achieved a minimum result of 70% for Mathematics (NOT Mathematical Literacy)
  • You must have achieved a minimum result of 70% for English
  • You must have proven financial need
  • You must be enrolled at your school for at least 1 year (students will continue studying at their current school, they will not move schools)
  • Your school must meets the following criteria:
    • The school must have a minimum 90% Matric pass rate
    • The school must have a minimum of 80% of Matric’s qualifying for university entrance
    • The school must have a minimum of 75% of their students doing Pure Mathematics as a subject
    • The school must have a minimum of 50% of their students achieving at least 75% for Pure Mathematics (NOT Mathematical Literacy)
    • The school must have a minimum of 80% of their students achieving at least 50% for English
    • The school must have a good supportive environment that supports students holistically

How to apply

Students who meet the eligibility criteria, can request an application form by emailing: [email protected]
(Insert the words “Investec High School Bursary Application Request” in the email subject line).

Please note that it may take a few days to receive the application form via email, due to the high email volume.

Students may be required to submit clear copies of the following supporting documentation with their application (note: this is only a guideline – the final list of required documents will be supplied to you with the application form):

  • ID document (certified copy)
  • 2021 mid-year and final results/ report (on school letterhead)
  • 2022 mid-year results/ report (on school letterhead)
  • Testimonial by education official (to be completed on the application form)
  • Testimonial by a community leader (someone who is a significant figure in the community: religious leader, sports coach, team captain or music teacher) (to be completed on the application form)
  • Essay about your life (further information can be found on the application form)
  • Parents or guardians proof of household income (latest payslips if employed, latest financial statements if self-employed, affidavit if unemployed, proof of SASSA or pension grant if applicable, death certificate if deceased, divorce certificate if divorced, sworn statement from one parent if seperated).

Bursary Application Closing Date: 31 August 2022.


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