“When Females Lead” scholarship for girls (12 A-Level points or less)

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When Females Lead is a network that aims to build ambitious, confident women who are incredibly passionate about achieving excellent careers and becoming leaders in society.

Scholarlyafrica.com brings you this exciting scholarship opportunity for young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to proceed with their studies.

About When Females Lead (WFL)

When Females Lead (WFL) Zambia launched a scholarship program powered by Beautiful World Canada (BWC), a not for profit organization based in Canada, that is aimed at providing scholarships for young vulnerable girls to obtain tertiary education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics known as STEM fields.

BWC supports scholarships for girls across sub Saharan Africa for vocational, college and university programs by partnering with local organizations. Their projects are currently in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Zambia through WFL. 

The WFL team ensures the well-being of the girls by undertaking regular school visits in order to assist the girls to settle in school and follow up on their progress.

When Females Lead international is offering scholarships to seventeen (17) girls to attend University and College.

Benefits of the scholarship

The scholarship program powered by BWC aims to provide the following support to the girls:

1. Mentorship and career guidance
2. Creating an inclusive and safe environment that fosters positive relationships, healthy discussions, and a sense of belonging for the student among other young fellows;
3. Foster individual & career growth /development for the students;
4. Helping the students gain confidence by improving their ability to use their voice to speak up and express their views, thoughts, and opinions;
5. Create an environment for innovation, entrepreneurship and risk-taking;
6. Help students overcome some of the challenges they encounter during their studies;
7. Fostering individual growth & career development in STEM field areas of study.
8. Imparting knowledge on overcoming challenges on a personal and society level, sanitary health and early marriage prevention.

Eligibility criteria

In order to qualify, you need to have the following:

1. 12 points or less at GCSE
2. Vulnerable background
3. An acceptance letter is an added advantage (from a University or College in Zambia)
4. Would like to study a program in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM).

How to apply & closing date

Apply to [email protected]

Your application email must include the following:

1. A cover letter explaining why you should be considered for the scholarship program.
2. Copy of GSCE certificates.
3. Acceptance letter from a University of college in Zambia, where applicable.
4. Your preferred field of study.

Closing date is Saturday 25th June 2022.

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