BRAC University internships for international students

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The BRAC University in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is inviting applications from international students at various recognised institutions of higher learning to apply for internships. brings you this opportunity which can potentially redefine your career for the best.


The length of the internship varies from a few weeks, to half a year or longer. There is no strict rule for the duration of a placement. We tailor to the need of the intern, the ongoing research and programme. However, BRAC JPGSPH recommends an engagement of minimum of 3 – 4 months to make the experience beneficial for both the intern and the organization.


BRAC JPGSPH enrolls candidates who possess a passion to learn and contribute to the field of public health. We strongly feel that educational or professional background should not limit any potential candidate from applying. Eligibility criteria are flexible to accommodate interns regardless of their curricular and professional experiences. The primary requirements for the Internship Programme are:

  • Students accepted into an undergraduate program in a college or university
  • Students enrolled in an undergraduate / graduate program in an accredited academic institution with good CGPA
  • PhD students (national or international) pursuing thesis at a host institution
  • Some experience in the field of public health can be an asset including experience in research in social sciences and development related programmes
  • Good command in written and spoken English
  • Good command in written and spoken Bangla for national applicants
  • Some knowledge on research methodologies including operating data analysis tools for qualitative and quantitative research
  • Applicants must demonstrate an interest in public health

Special Circumstances

  • High School graduates aiming to pursue higher studies in public health can engaged in ongoing research project(s) based on an assessment that they will have valuable contributions to organisational initiatives.
  • If candidate’s research supports a senior Faculty’s ongoing projects on a short or long term.
  • Note: BRAC JPGSPH’s internship programme does NOT provide any compensation and/or salary for the contribution of the candidate.

Requirements for Enrollment

Interns at BRAC JPGSPH are requested to submit the following documents:

  • A midterm report to the Internship Programme Coordinator approved by the assigned
  • Supervisor / Mentor of the intern. This report should reflect on the objectives under the deliverables of the assigned task.
  • A final report in coherence to the mid-term report and a presentation to the relevant project personnel.

Post internship requirement

  • Share a critical insight about the field experience as well as the technical aspects learnt from field visits
  • The interns are strongly suggested to keep a log of their work to record reflections during their internship
  • Share barriers and facilitators in conducting the research and overall impression from the internship

Facilitation Fee

A facilitation fee is required to be paid by the intern at the inception of the internship. The fee will cover the costs incurred during facilitation including mentor support, office space, IT support and other logistics as needed under the assignment or project.

The facilitation fee breakdown:

  • National students: BDT 7,500 for a period of 3 (Three) months
  • International students: USD 100 per month

Internship Fee Waiver (for nationals only)

  • There are opportunities to waiver facilitation fees if a candidate’s research supports the ongoing projects of a Senior Faculty (short or long term).
  • Candidates who apply for the Internship Programme as an individual can also apply for a fee waiver by written petition with adequate justification. The waiver will be provided based on the review of the applicant’s financial condition and of the decision from the School Senior Management Committee.


  • Interns will receive a certificate and an appreciation letter from the Dean of the school upon successful completion of the internship.

1st Contact:

Moontaka Tuba

Senior Manager, Legal Administration & Education

Email: [email protected]

2nd Contact:

Fauzul Kabir

Assistant MPH Coordinator

Phone| +8802-222277501-4, Ex: 6032

Email: [email protected]

The original opportunity is on the page

Internship Application Form (doc)


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