Even when in your comfort zone, choose personal development

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By Tofara Lindsay Chokera

AFTER college, I did my graduate traineeship for 6 months before I landed a permanent post as IT Officer at another company .

During my graduate traineeship, my salary was $1000 ZWL and when I got my new offer my salary was $16000 ZWL. I remember calling them to ask if they had not made a mistake , thinking maybe it was supposed to be $1600 ZWL .

Well, it turned out the figure was correct. This was a shock and at the same time I thought to myself I had now kicked poverty out of my life.

Working for a big organization gave me the comfort of my life. The perks were good; the salary was good , the management was excellent. They had people at heart.

I was so comfortable not to think of the future. I did not even think that I could have a secondary income. This phase made me shelve personal development for years.

Have you ever lived a life with a rhythm? You wake up, go to work, go home, watch TV, sleep and wake up to that very same rhythm?

Comfort can be really dangerous if you don’t invest in your future and personal development.

Years went by and things changed. I was removed from my comfort zone (this is a story for another day).

Today, I just want to encourage you to introspect and know whether you are developing yourself while in your comfortable zone. Are you preparing yourself for retirement, retrenchment, dismissal, etc?

Sometimes if you consciously give more time to your personal development you will discover you are capable of doing more and prepare for the future.

  • Tafara is the CEO and founder of TofaraOnline, a Digital Marketing and Innovation Consulting Trust which aims at empowering women and MSMEs to embrace digital marking and innovative tech-driven solutions for business and career development. Tafara has 15 years experience in Information Systems and Technology Engineering.
  • This article was taken off her LinkedIn page and mildly edited by Scholarly Africa.

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